Cat and Dog Imaging & Diagnostics in Chicago Heights

Solving your pet’s health problem begins with a physical exam, which should point us to the next appropriate step. Since a standard exam cannot tell us in clear detail what’s going on inside your pet, we will need to employ cat and dog imaging and diagnostics. South Suburban Low-Cost Veterinary Services in Chicago Heights offers ultra-modern technology for more efficient testing and accurate results. Our veterinarians are experienced with these tools and can perform diagnostic procedures with minimal stress to your pet. Give us a call today at (708) 320-0977.

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Testing Healthy Pets, Too

Whether your pet is sick, injured or perfectly healthy, we offer pet diagnostics to accommodate virtually every situation for every patient. An integral part of your pet’s annual wellness visit is being tested for parasites and other abnormalities. This allows us to be proactive in detecting and treating underlying issues such as urinary tract infections, heartworm disease, and more.

Our digital cat and dog X-ray equipment is superior to traditional film X-ray in several ways. First, there is no need for developer fluid, fixer, and film to create an X-ray image. Second, the digitally-produced images are sharper and more detailed for better analysis. Third, we can easily email your pet’s X-rays to another hospital if needed for a second opinion. Therefore, digital X-ray is quicker, easier, and more efficient overall.

We’re proud to offer technology that allows us to provide the best possible care to our patients. With digital cat and dog X-ray, we can detect various bone conditions including fractures, joint inflammation (arthritis) and deformities. Furthermore, we can capture images of foreign bodies and tumors that would otherwise be invisible.

In addition to cat and dog X-ray, our hospital also offers a full laboratory suite in-house. Our equipment gives our team the ability to run tests and get results quickly so we can offer immediate treatment to pets with serious medical concerns. This includes various blood chemistry panels and parasite screens. We can also prepare testing samples for shipment to other labs for review.

Ultrasound is another imaging option we offer for identifying and diagnosing hidden illnesses and/or injuries. This tool is ideal for studying the soft tissue organs and diagnosing pregnancies, cysts, tumors, bladder stones, and abdominal fluid, to name a few. Additionally, we can also assess the shape, size, texture and blood supply of the internal organs.

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