Our Low-Cost Veterinary Services

Low cost, high quality–that’s what you and your pet should always expect when you come to see us in Chicago Heights! At South Suburban Low-Cost Veterinary Services, we combine progressive medicine with a love of community. By providing comprehensive and advanced services at a reduced rate, we hope to help more families give their pets the care they’ve always wanted to give.

Find out more about our services and call us (708) 320-0977 if your pet is in need of treatment.

Wellness Plans

The standard for complete wellness includes yearly exams, vaccinations, blood testing, and parasite prevention.


We offer general and orthopedic surgical services to address a wide variety of medical issues.


Your pet should receive routine vaccinations for optimal protection against rabies, distemper and other harmful viruses.

Spay & Neuter

Your pet can experience a healthier, longer life if you have them spayed or neutered. You’ll also be helping shelter pets by reducing animal overpopulation.

Teeth Cleaning

Poor oral hygiene can lower your pet’s quality of life significantly. Annual dental exams, cleanings and home care can make a world of difference.


Your pet should have regular blood and parasite screens for a complete health assessment that checks for illness and underlying conditions.